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New Blogging Location

I’m now blogging at Miraculous Stories. This site is dedicated to A Course in Miracles, and the posts, rather then simply being quotes that I had found interesting, are stories of miracles. All students of ACIM are welcome, especially those who might contribute their own miraculous stories!

7/1/12: I’ve been devoting my time to a major new project and had to close Miraculous Stories, at least for the time being. 

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Change of Heart

The 600+ posts of Inspirations and Aspirations were selected because of their immediate, positive emotional impact on this poster and the anticipation of similar impact for the reader. Now this blogger recognizes his energy can be better, for the whole planet, spent in more deeply assimilating the wisdom of seers and mystics in dialog with his brothers in God. 

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It is a karmic law of in and out. . He knew you had to hand the message over before you really understood it or could appreciate it yourself.

A person will suffocate if she just keeps breathing in. The Jewish name for the Holy One, literally unspeakable, is “Yahweh,” an imitation of the sound of breathing in and breathing out. It could not be uttered, only breathed. The sacred name of God reveals the deepest pattern of all reality—the cycle of taking in and giving back out.

Richard Rohr

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Think back on your life, just for a moment, to when something wildly wonderful and totally unexpected happened. Something that rocked your world and changed your life. That curled your hair and colored your cheeks. That lit your fire and buttered your bread.

See what happens when you leave the cursed hows to me?

As you were,
The Universe

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Consciousness is the subtle and all-embracing mystery within and between Everything. It is like the air we breathe, take for granted, and do not appreciate. Consciousness is not the seeing but that which sees me seeing. You must step back from your compulsiveness, and your attachment to yourself, to be truly conscious. Consciousness cannot be “just me” because it can watch “me” from a distance.
Richard Rohr

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'Amazing grace' is not a way to avoid honest human relationships, but to redo them—gracefully—for the liberation of both sides. Nothing just goes away in the spiritual world; all must be reconciled and accounted for. All healers are wounded healers, as Henri Nouwen said so well. There is no other kind. In fact, you are often most gifted to heal others precisely where you yourself were wounded or wounded others.

You learn to salve the wounds of others by knowing and remembering how much it hurts to hurt. Often this memory comes from the realization of your past smallness and immaturity, your selfishness, your false victimhood, and your cruel victimization of others. It is often painful to recall or admit, yet this is also the grace of lamenting and grieving over how we have hurt others.

Richard Rohr

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It is a lot of work to get out of the way and allow grace to fully operate and liberate. We must first fully own and admit that we have “defects of character,” but then equally step back and do nothing about it, as it were, until we are “entirely ready” to let God do the job! . . As others have put it, and it works well in English, to fully understand is always to stand under and let things have their way with you. It is strangely a giving up of control to receive a free gift and find a new kind of “control.”
Richard Rohr

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